Enterprise Business Planning

Enterprise business planning

Business planning is an essential function every business must embark upon before it starts. It requires a dedicated effort from the business’s management team in order to fully realize the benefits. Most businesses do it an annually. At this annual planning process, the strategies and budget for the upcoming year are determined. Although this is done annually, planning should be a part of everyday management thinking. It is a mindset of consistently looking for new avenues to make the enterprise more competitive and keep abreast of current developments in its field.

One of the benefits of this process is the determination and development of short term and long term goals. These goals affects various parts of the business, it could be to increase revenues by 25 percent in the upcoming such as would be a short term goal. Long term goals could be to become the leading provider of certain services in stipulated period of time.

Businesses that have goals usually grow faster because it provides direction for all members. Morale is usually high in these firms as staff will know what to do per time to meet these goals. Enterprise planning provides a sharply focused blueprint by which the management team can guide the company.

In such a short time, the world has gone global. The introduction of new technologies has challenged the use of traditional methods of planning such as traditional spreadsheets and department-oriented planning mechanisms.
Today, organizations use effective planning methods such as is offered at Virtuffy to manage their operations and guide their growth. These processes enable organizations to link their strategic, financial, and operational plans across the business, optimization of resources, broadly based consensus and adjustment for risk and uncertainty. This makes the overall plans have an appropriate balance between operational feasibility and financial desirability.


Virtuffy we will :

  • Use a single planning solution for any size implementation based on the market-leading desired.
  • Create realistic plans using integrated predictive modeling, forecasting, Monte Carlo simulation and optimization
  • Integrate data and metadata systems more simply and accurately, and drill-through to details for faster analysis.
  • Analyse the needs of the private and public sector organizations and offer planning and budgeting solutions designed to address federal agencies, state & local governments, higher education and healthcare needs
  • As part of our Enterprise business planning service, we will reduce the cost of ownership. We will develop a common user interface with common reporting tools and a single point of maintenance for metadata and business rules.

Why Us

At the core of our values at Virtuffy, we help clients businesses succeed fast and sustain its growth.

Our Business planning service will give our clients a global real-time view of data that will enable companies to address concerns on time and drive growth.

We will take seriously in to consideration, the financial compliance with regulatory standards in other to reduces risk

We will also automate core business operations

We will enhance customer service efficiency by providing one source for billing and relationship tracking.