Laravel MVC Framework

You will probably be asking what is Laravel MVC Framework or will have already known about Laravel MVC Framework but do not know its full capabilities or may be looking for a good company that offers its services. For the latter group of readers, you can get to contact us directly and be rest assured we are always available to offer our assistance.

About Laravel MVC Framework?

Laravel is the one of the most well known clean & classy PHP framework available. Within 3 years, it has shown itself dependable and superior over other platforms. It is very easy to learn and use. Laravel development allows for the creation of the best web and mobile applications by making use of simple, expressive syntax.

Who uses it?

Laravel MVC Framework is used by developers to code syntax that is simple and expressive and provide web applications that are developer friendly and code that is maintainable.
Laravel is also preferred by people who need highly professional web applications with smooth workflow, an awesome user interface and experience.

Benefits of Laravel MVC Framework?

  • Composer: The application’s third party packages can be managed easily through this tool.
  • Restful Routing: It helps to connect resources and manage client/server routes.
  • Comes Bundled With Eloquent: An ORM is relatively faster than all other PHP frameworks helps to maintain simple and smart ActiveRecord Implementation to work with databases.
  • Application Logic: Laravel MVC Controllers or Route declarations utilizing a syntax are the two ways by which an application logic can be incorporated within any web application.
  • Intelligently Designed: Incredible flexibility to developers that helps them to create enterprise application from small sites.
  • Libraries: It has Object Oriented libraries, which is not found in any other popular PHP frameworks, This is an auto complete feature which available in Laravel MVC framework.

Laravel MVC Framework Security

Compared to several other PHP frameworks, Laravel MVC Framework is a better secured and more stable PHP framework. These are few ways it stands out from the others

  • Configuration: It aims to make implementing authentication very simple.
  • Stores Passwords: Laravel MVC provides secure Bcrypt hashing; In otherwords it can be used to keep passwords secret.
  • Authenticates Users: To log in to your application you can choose the to use an authentication method maybe your email or what ever you want. You can also add extra conditions to the authenticating query.
    Can Manually Login In Users.
  • Protects Routes: Route filters may be used to allow only authenticated users to access a given route.
  • CSRF Protection: Laravel MVC provides an easy method of protecting your application from cross-site request forgeries.
  • HTTP Basic Authentication: Laravel MVC provides a quick way to authenticate users of your application without setting up a dedicated “login” page.
  • Password Reminders & Reset: Most web applications provide a way for users to reset their forgotten passwords. Rather than forcing you to re-implement this on each application, Laravel MVC provides convenient methods for sending password reminders and performing password resets.
  • Encryption: Laravel MVC provides facilities for strong AES encryption via the mcrypt PHP extension
    Laravel MVC offers Database and Eloquent Authentication Drivers

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  • Use Laravel MVC ORM database methods
  • Process files using Laravel MVC built-in methods
  • Use Laravel MVC framework to validate your form data & uploaded files
  • Do a highly professional work for you taking aesthetic attributes into consideration

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