Project and Program Management

Project and Program Management Consultancy Service

Programs and Projects take a lot of time and resources and need experts who are founded in the knowledge and practice of program development and management to oversee its processes. Most of the time organizations start out on their projects with so much optimism, only to find out that it takes more than a great coder to create an outstanding web application that will drive market presence and profitability. In the light of this, Virtuffy has sought out and trained experts consultants who can manage your online development process from start to finish.

Virtuffy offers the whole value chain of Project and program management consulting services in all industry sectors. These consulting services are built on the knowledge of many severally delivered ICT projects with clear and concrete outcomes led by experienced IPMA certified project and program managers.

A lot of people may think managing a project or program an easy feat. Not a lie though, the advantages of choosing a good consulting firm like Virtuffy still outweigh the cost that will be incurred if anything goes wrong as it always does. Proper procedures which are regulatory standard complaint may be mi-understood and resulting charges may lead to abandonment of the project.

The proper way would be to hire the services of a consultant early into the project – even if you have gone far into development, its never too late to do so.
Here are a few advantages your organization stands to gain by choosing our consultancy services at Virtuffy;

Portfolio Management Service

We give you a model for how to run and manage your business projects as a whole from a strategic point of view. We will specify important requirements on our portfolio management tool and recommend a suitable vendor and software. Our Multi vendor project management service gives you a well-defined and practical goal steering platform with an overrated reporting practice to manage large and complex ICT or change programs.

Virtuffy will lead and organize your programs and projects in a direction that is profitable and yet achieving its goals. We will manage your web projects, application developments, promotions and end user experiences. We will also get feedback and recommend solutions or possible way-forward for your projects.

We will most of all try to save your cost yet delivering a quality consulting service.

We want to work for you, we want you to make us your consultants!

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Advisory services

With the best project management service and benefit analysis we can evaluate and prioritize the most critical development areas in your project management processes. We will define a systematic road map for the steps needed to develop project from start to finish.

Project/ program Management Office

The implementation of our Project/Program management service with well defined structures can steer and build your business projects in directions that are more efficient and profitable. We will work closely with your organization on its targets and goals. We will share vital ideas and help you secure and manage growth.