UX/UI Development Service

User interface or user experience design is a very vital aspect of any development process. if an application success is to taken importantly, UI /UX designs have to be done professionally. UI/UX which refers to the visual appeal and experience of the web application. User interface (UI) usually refers to the visual appeal or the front-end design of an application where as User experience otherwise known as UX is the actual functionality of the interface or experience derived when a user interacts with the application. If the User interface design is amazing, but is difficult-to-use, visitors will still find it difficult to us the application. An application is successful when its user interface and user experience are well-planned and user-friendly.At Virtuffy, we provide qualitative UI and UX that perfectly align with your business objectives and create required impact on the users. Our design services will enrich your website user interface and incorporate amazingly interactive applications, convert your existing applications into updated technology for responsiveness.


Converting your reach to customers is a science. It involves solving customer problems by telling your story and communicating your ability to deliver solution. Virtuffy will help you build layout, graphics, and the messaging that together build an experience that leads to conversion. Our UI/UX designers and strategists will help you increase conversion by studying your clients.


Simplicity is a difficult thing to do these days given the fast growing trend of technology. What if Virtuffy could make your experience bleeding edge of innovation but also highly efficient and usable. Sophisticated simplicity is one of the unique skills possessed by our designers and strategists at Virtuffy. We will use tools uniquely defined to us to craft user testing methods, analytics and results will be high efficiency.


Our goal is to give our clients returns on their investments. This is why we have trained and developed our teams on practical development and strategy. Customers are ever changing and we adapt to them. We will study our clients markets and use information and data gotten to attract customers. We are most excited when our client UI/UX applications win awards as a result of uniqueness and effectiveness.

Our Design Process

With several years of experience working on several of projects, we have developed methods and processes of reaching our goal in faster time. We pay attention to details and reduce flaws to its barest minimum. Our process goes thus:

  • Design Implementation: We collect information pertaining to the project, project goals and budget
  • Prototyping: We develop a wire frame design that will implement seamlessly when moving into development.
  • Validation: Through the use of a professional technologies, we will validate that our designs work across platforms and resolve any issues that may ensue.
  • Integration

We also offer services such as: Digital Content Management, Simple Interface, Attribute data binding to compliment our clients needs.
At Virtuffy, we use tools uniquely applicable to our clients projects which ensure compatibility across browsers, devices, and operating systems.  Here are some of the tools we employ to deliver high quality jobs to our clients:

  •  HTML5
  • CSS3
  • Bootstrap
  • Illustrator
  • Muse
  • Photoshop
  • Visio