Recently, due to the wet weather and poor road conditions I managed to drive through two pot holes resulting in my car breaking. Of course the solution wasn’t to throw my car away and buy a new one, but instead locate the problem and get it repaired. In this instance a set of new alloy wheels and a couple of tyres were far more cost effective than a new car.

This can often be done with websites, and our team of Virtuffy Web Designers will happily work with the majority of existing websites.

Most businesses expect their website to generate them custom which is done by first attracting visitors using various methods of online marketing including search engine optimization. Once the visitors are there the website’s design and content must persuade these visitors to place an order (for online shops and eCommerce websites), or make an inquiry.

If a website fails to perform either of these tasks effectively it will not generate any orders or enquiries and, depending on the purpose of the particular website, it could be deemed ‘broken’.

This is where we come in; we can work on a wide range of websites including complex bespoke systems and pre-built systems such as WordPress Development Service , Joomla Development Services or Magento Website Development. If the website was made by another website designer, it shouldn’t matter.

Our team of PHP Website Development are able to look at a website and provide free feedback as to why it isn’t working, and what can be done to make it more effective.

You are free to then decide whether any investment made would yield a good return, and how long it would take to recoup the costs and start making a profit.

Have a good think about your own website; if it isn’t generating the sales that you would like, then perhaps Virtuffy can help. Please get in touch.

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