Does the term YII sound familiar? Well, those in the business of web design and development can quite relate to this emerging PHP framework in the industry. The YII framework that has been growing in popularity works best in creating web 2.0 applications. The framework can actually be used for developing for all kinds of applications; however, it works best for web application drawing high traffic like Social Media sites, forums, portals, etc.

Now, the common questions that tend to come up in the mind of the users are –

Is it secure? Is it Fast? Is it Professional? The answer stands with ‘Yes It Is’! Indeed, the answer leads to the name of the framework – YII (pronounced mostly as ‘yee’).

Why Use YII PHP Framework for Developing Websites?

Well, according to data released by the research of, around 3,160 websites are using the emerging YII framework.

The framework comes with multiple features that benefits any developer attached to enterprise level web application, which includes –

  1. Model-view-controller (MVC PHP Framework)
  2. Input of form and validation
  3. Database Acess Objects
  4. jQuery integration
  5. Built-in support of authentication
  6. Layered scheme of caching
  7. Role based access control
  8. Error handling and logging

The Edge YII PHP Framework Offers

The framework that works on a fast, secured, and professional approach offers a lot to developers in developing a site with flexibility. Let us have a quick look at the standards that sets YII framework apart in the market –

  1. Superior Performance
    This particular framework featuring a structured model offers superior performance when compared to other PHP frameworks. Additionally, the extensive use of lazy loading process also makes the framework fast in comparison to others.According to a graph presented in the website of YII PHP Framework, YII can process around 673 Requests per Second (RPS) with Alternative PHP Cache (APC), while the number stands at 93 without APC. The higher the number of request is, the more competent the framework is and YII clearly outperforms all other frameworks in the field.
  2. Security
    The framework comes enabled with standard security features like Cross-site Request Forgery Prevention, Cross-site Scripting Prevention, Prevention of Cookie Attack, and Server-Side Validation. Developers using YII no longer need to insert different validation rule for specific inputs and features integrated support of authentication.
  3. Top Caching Features
    YII offers a number of cache components for storing the data cached in separate media. This particular framework offers a support to APC, DB based page, memecache, segment caching, and XCache.
  4. Third-Party Friendliness with Code
    The YII framework is designed in a way to support codes coming from third-party. For example, you can easily make use of a PEAR or Zend framework code for applying within the YII application.
  5. Easy to Customize
    Applications based in YII can be easily edited and customized in accordance to your interest. Thanks to the simple structuring of the code, you can also make use of various kinds of widgets and applications on request.

With the YII framework growing in popularity and featuring maximum flexibility, it is always advisable to choose a leading web development company specialized in the framework for your next PHP based project.



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